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The best chair

Raül, an industrial designer, born and educated in Barcelona, with a master's degree from the Royal College of Art in London, and his wife, Candelaria, an interior designer from Gran Canaria, wanted to give their daughter some domestic object as a wedding gift.  When asked what she wanted, Helena asked them for a chair for her desk.  She let them choose, but she asked for the best chair, the most comfortable, the most practical, the most anatomical ... and the most modern. Searching for the most suitable seat, the parents refreshed their knowledge by checking catalogs, visiting shops and factories and remembering their visits to the London Design Museum and the Vitra Museum in Weil am Rhein.  They also consulted their friend Ferando Amat, architect of the disappeared Vinçon, and they reviewed the book Arquitecturas diminutas.  Juli Capella’s Diseños de arquitecto en el siglo XX, but they continued to look for a deal.




Consensus was only reached when a friend told them that at the Encants of Barcelona an authentic Thonet was offered a ridiculous price of €150, as the certified label still retained on the back: Gebrüder Thonet. Möbel aus gebogenem Holze. I. Stefansplatz. Wien. Telephon 13275.  Raül and Candelaria went immediately to the 68th stall of the splendid market of the Place de Glòries where they were negotiating with the seller until obtaining the precious chair for €100.  Happy they headed to the daughter’s home to whom they delivered the beautifully wrapped gift.  Helena, who knew of the anxieties of her parents, eagerly unwrapped the package and exclaimed “Oh! It’s fantastic!  It’s like the one that the grandparents had in the foyer of their home and that I always coveted, even more because it ended up being fuel for the fire in a bonfire of Sant Joan!”.