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To the Queen's Little Chair

When I was a little girl we played a la sillita de la reina (to the Queen’s little chair): a popular game that as a playful resource was not bad, since we did not need any type of object such as marbles, ropes, balls, tops or handkerchiefs. It was very simple: two girls held hands (better crossed, that is to say, right hand with right hand and vice versa) and a third sat on the hypothetical throne, clinging to the neck of the other two while she was swinging. It was a kind of race in which the "queen" had to reach a distant goal with her two "subjects" while singing a song. Although it has many variants or versions, it said something like this:

To the queen’s little chair 
That never washes,
That never combs.
One day she combed her hair
Four hairs were ripped out
One, two, three, four…
And the chair broke! 


It is difficult to know the origin of these popular games that are transmitted orally from generation to generation and that we miss with the prosperous technological revolution. How wise was Pieter Brueghel the Elder to capture in 1560 more than eighty of those children's games that will remain for posterity!