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Each chair tells its own story and here all fit. The own ones and the others. Even those in which the design is not the fundamental thing.

You have to know how to sit

Gore Vidal, writer of “bestsellers” and other very famous literary works (Julian the Apostate, Hollywood, Empire), explained his secret to success in the means of the mass media: to sit, at all of the parties, next to someone in an exotic or extravagant dress. If no one is wearing a Mohawk or is a woman of the great world, an Indian in a turban also serves the purpose. “When you sit next to a character who wears a turban they take more photographs of you and you get on Sunday’s cover,” Gore Vidal recommends. There are countless photographs where this...
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The Inflatable Utopia

Anyone who has designed or produced a chair knows how difficult it is to conceive a structure that supports the weight of a corpulent...

Conversation on the train

No one doubts that the cantilever chair (freischwinger, which in German means free swing), based on the principle of the projecting...

Take two seats

Charles de Morny was a famous French politician and banker, related to all of the aristocracy (he was the half-brother of Napoleon...

The chairs of geniuses

Salvador Dalí wore a 41; but when he painted, to stimulate his creativeness, he wore smaller shoes, specifically size 38. The...