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Trends: Yellow, optimistic and full of life

We work with Giulio Ridolfo, one of the best specialists in the world, to create a trend palette with colors inspired by the Mediterranean.



Mooding board of Yellow  Tones, included at Stories 04: Mediterraneanism in Color.


Yellow is a fundamental color that represents well the Mediterranean area, which is very influenced by the sun. It is an optimistic and energetic color. Full of life. Cheerful.


My first memory of yellows is a basket full of lemons. It is therefore a color linked to nutrition, to the kitchen, a color to which we are not afraid because we are accustomed to living with it and we use it in a very spontaneous way.



It is also a color that is well related to the skin and has many different versions, from the most transparent tones to acid, greenish, and curry, to golden that is a variation.  



Dado sofa, designed by Alfredo Häberli. 


If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Optimism is part of the Mediterranean character. If we had to choose the most optimistic and happy designer of the international scene, that would most likely be Alfredo Häberli, who was born in Argentina and lives in Switzerland at the edge of a lake. He works from sunrise to sunset with a mixture of joy and German rigor that is perfectly appreciated in Dado, a modular system for creating infinite sofas combinations. Its different pieces fit together with Swiss precision.


It is a geometrical and essential design, with perfect proportions, generous volumes and contrasting colors in the upholstery, subtle or surprising, that adapts to all kinds of public, private
or work projects.


By starting to work with Andreu World on a series of colors that represented the essence of the Mediterranean, I realized that our culture, our way of living, is closely linked to handmade things, be it the activity of painting a house or cooking, because we are very attached to the colors of what we eat, to the preparation of things or the act of doing them. 

Giulio Ridolfo