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White: a honest, original and immaculate color

We work with Giulio Ridolfo, one of the best specialists in the world, to create a trend palette with colors inspired by the Mediterranean.




For Giulio Ridolfo, the great discovery of white in the Mediterranean was my first trip to Greece. The villages, the houses whitewashed, as a way of sanitation, renewal, cleanliness, in a somewhat liturgical way. It is a kind of powdered white, very tactile, velvety. Porous. It is a type of essential white that attracts because it is pure, deep. 




It is not a chemical color as it came out of a bucket of bleach, it is an organic white. That's why I like to see it also in the jasmine flowers or flour, opaque tones with great depth. For us white is related to the light of day, with the sun, it has something of ceremonial but it is also the color of beginnings, the color of the canvas, the color of clean clothes. I think it is the latitude that allows us to have such a pure white here in the Mediterranean, the position of the sun makes the light stronger and the white purer.




There are many differences between the white of day and of night. Once I made a night garden with only white flowers and at night the white became magical, in fact, it is the first color you see in the night, it is reflective, very beautiful at night. I like white porcelain and other details in white but white in an environmental color that works well in large quantities. It is also a great color for offices: honest, original, immaculate. 




Aire Outdoor by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

Mediterranean life takes place largely outdoors, on the terraces, which were born as a natural extension of houses, bars and restaurants, to enjoy a privileged climate. If it is in front of the sea, even better. Aire is the name of the collection of outdoor furniture designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. It is also named for its lightness. The frame is injected aluminum and the Batyline fabric is self-supporting in its different versions of armchair, lounge chair and chaise lounge. They are resistant, comfortable, easy to maintain and are available in new color and fabric tones: dark basalt, oxide red, dark green and dark blue. Also, in white, the color of light. 




’When I started working on a series of colors that represented the essence of the Mediterranean, I realized that color is something very abstract, it must be associated with touch, texture, and sensuality for its perception.’’

Giulio Ridolfo