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Trenza, the pleasure of fresh air life

We belong to a culture that is illuminated by the Mediterranean sun and bound to the sea and to nature, and we feel that we can offer our interpretation of the pleasure of life in the fresh air. This is how Andreu World Outdoor was born. A new avenue that synthesizes desirable everyday life outdoors. It is a recollection of the sun, the breeze, the siesta by the water. The result of these shared images and feelings fits perfectly into different architectural settings and specific uses. This harmonic concept translates into an extensive, integrated range of...

Innovative materials for the Outdoor product line

Furniture for both residential and commercial installations require the highest quality materials that are durable, reliable, stylish and always comfortable. Innovation is the key factor creating materials for exterior use. For this reason the Andreu World Outdoor line of furniture is made with cutting-edge multipurpose materials that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Among them, we have developed a treatment for steel called EPL5 that is applied to collections such as Trenza, Sand, and Sombra. This treatment consists of a series of...