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Moody, the expression of experience

The original workshop that almost 60 years ago produced just a few pieces is now a company with more than 300 employees and three factories in Spain. Our development is the result of a clear focus on reconciling cutting-edge technology in the cutting, drying, Mechanical and curving processes of the wood, a carpentry experience that guarantees the structural quality of each piece. We’re the result of the best possible combination: innovation and experience. Moody is definitive. It is a synthesis of the austerity of a wood cabin, with the structural...

Siesta, a place to dream

We dream of a place to rest, talk or read that is both inspiring and relaxing. A place that helps us disconnect and where we want to recuperate at the end of the day. Siesta constructs that atmosphere. Its cozy and comfortable mass floats on a light linear frame. Its name, Siesta, directly responds to what it evokes. Siesta is tremendously versatile and seamlessly integrates into indoor and outdoor environments. Whatever the size of its configuration, with more or less modules, it is harmonious and welcoming.

Reverse, a sculptural form

A clear, emphatic and singular form under a blanket of light without losing prominence. This combination is also a play on materials, textures and colors. Reverse bases have a sculptural presence and great versatility. They can be installed indoors and outdoors. Used alone, in pairs to support a large table top, and also forming groups in collective projects. Its range of finishes is as wide as its integration possibilities, all of which makes Reverse an icon in all types of environments.

Duos, an essential design

Beyond being practical or comfortable, functional or austere, even more than its aesthetic or formal value, some objects are valued for their ability to become part of our memory. We identify them without effort, they seem anonymous, but it is us that, over time, make them irreplaceable and give them special attention. Duos belongs to this category. It presents itself as an object of use, essential and kind, that integrates into our day to day activities without problems. However, the design is a result of an intense formal pursuit. Duos is...

Brandy, an enveloping design

Two geometries – circle and square – that join in a smooth transition through the continuous line of the back and arms. Brandy is the result of a good design developed by the best technique. Wood and upholstery blend and express the essence of our identity. Brandy is comfortable and very versatile. Its different bases and finishes offer extraordinary customization possibilities, making it ideal for all types of environments and projects.

Serena Teak, the intersection of craftsmanship and nature

Serena is an essential design, it star feature is the material from which it is constructed, a beautiful teak wood that invites it to be touched. It transmits solidity and nobility, capturing admiring looks and defines its surroundings. To the material value of solid wood, Serena crosses the direct intervention of the artisan’s hand. The weaving is made entirely by hand with the latest generation materials that guarantee durability in exterior applications. The synthesis of constructive precision, craftsmanship and wood make Serena a warm chair...