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Stories: Mediterraneanism in Color | Earths & Nuez

A sheet of paper is all we need to mold or shape an idea. This is how the Nuez was born from Patricia Urquiola’s hands, modeling its shell with a simple paper. The folds take on the enveloping shape that characterizes it. Then technology willbe responsible for materializing it in an injected thermopolymer seat, which is comfortable in use and also in touch, for that added texture reminiscent of aquilted fabric. The interior upholstery is also the result of a studied manufacturingand the different leg options configure a versatile program. For home or...

Alya, tailored comfort

As part of our evolution in recent years, we have developed entirely upholstered pieces. Alya is a perfect example of this new line of work. It’s a design that transmits the attention paid to details and upholstering created like ‘a made to measure suit’. Comfort is achieved through a careful study of ergonomics, strengthened by latest generation foams, which offer fantastic recovery and durability. In accordance with our philosophy, Alya adapts perfectly to public, domestic or representative spaces. Alya is a collection of upholstered lounge chairs and...

Manila, the value of time

We are a family business and that’s why we have a very special relationship with time. We know that we’ve built a tradition and that thanks to it, we have a unique perspective on our work. We see life in terms of the bigger picture and we’re faithful to the idea that building a future means keeping the past alive. Relations and tradition live and breathe through our daily work and through the personal connections and sense of property shared by all those that make up Andrew World and who –in many cases– form part of our joint project generation after...

Couvé, contemporary classic

The origin is a highly recognizable form. The features of a Nordic sofa devoid of all its superfluous elements, synthesized to the maximum to test your perception. Couvé has the elegance of the classics but at the same time is absolutely contemporary. One of Couvé’s features is the upholstery work. It defines the soft curves of the arms and back, and ultimately expresses the character of the piece. Couvé is serene, balanced and timeless.

Sit, architectural and versatile

Sit has demonstrated its ability to integrate into architectural projects that required intensive use. It syntheses with most materials, such as concrete, brick and plywood, that are used in fashionable collective spaces. Sit is essential, clean and functional. In its distinct versions have a wide range of accessories such as ganging mechanisms or writing surfaces.

Award-winning communication design

The jury for the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017 has made its decision. In a process spanning several days, the 24 experts assessed communication and creative works from agencies, designers and companies from 50 participating countries. Andreu World has cause for celebration: The jurors awarded the Red Dot to Stories brochure and thus emphasised its high design quality and creative achievement. Stories 1 and 2 are two graphic documents that wish to go one step beyond our products and, through them, speak about the culture, the architecture and the design...