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Discover the new "Dado" with curves

A “Dado”with curves? This yearyou will discover the extraordinary evolution of Dado. This system of sofas -created by Alfredo Häberli- conceived from modularity and an eye for detail, has grown. The geometry of the new components extends the possibilities of configuration: back to back, curved compositions; islands of seats for large public spaces or long lines capable of organizing the circulation of people and offering a moment of rest.

Siesta, a place to dream

We dream of a place to rest, talk or read that is both inspiring and relaxing. A place that helps us disconnect and where we want to recuperate at the end of the day. Siesta constructs that atmosphere. Its cozy and comfortable mass floats on a light linear frame. Its name, Siesta, directly responds to what it evokes. Siesta is tremendously versatile and seamlessly integrates into indoor and outdoor environments. Whatever the size of its configuration, with more or less modules, it is harmonious and welcoming.