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Flex, Alya and Dual collections at the Adler University

Located on the first five floors of a slender glass tower in downtown Vancouver, the interiors are flooded with the university’s brand colours (red, brown, green, orange) to stand out from its neighbours and to welcome visitors. The bold interior design for the Vancouver university reflects its unique character. In order to equip it, the Alya lounge chairs and armchairs versions have been chosen for their relaxation and lobby spaces, complemented with Dual tables, as well as Flex chairs for common areas. All these designs have been customized with the...

Sit, architectural and versatile

Sit has demonstrated its ability to integrate into architectural projects that required intensive use. It syntheses with most materials, such as concrete, brick and plywood, that are used in fashionable collective spaces. Sit is essential, clean and functional. In its distinct versions have a wide range of accessories such as ganging mechanisms or writing surfaces.

New website, new experiences

More visual, easier to operate, and totally interactive for the user. The new website permits visitors to navigate the new sections of “Workspaces”, “Home” and “Hotels + Restaurants” to find the products best suited for each project type. New tools such as the online product configurator offers professional solutions for all product typologies in real time. Additionally, the “Professionals” section provides all materials and technical data needed by furniture specifiers including 2D/3D drawings and images of each chair and table collection. Under...