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Trends: Sand, a color in its own right

We work with Giulio Ridolfo, one of the best specialists in the world, to create a trend palette with colors inspired by the Mediterranean. Mooding board of Sand Tones, included at Stories 04: Mediterraneanism in Color I like the idea of thinking of sand as a color in its own right, with all its variants and shades that go through beiges and persimmons. It is not a bright color that well delineates the contours, it is a soft color, very present in our environment and that is well assimilated. From the color of the skin to that of the beach, straw,...

Stories to read while seated at Casa Camper

A chair and a book have a lot in common. To illustrate this we celebrated the launch of the book Stories to read while seated on September 20th atCasa Camper in Barcelona. Published by Andreu World in celebration of its 60th anniversary, the book is comprised of a series of short stories in which the protagonist is always a chair. The narratives were created by a colorful selection of writers: Mercedes Abad, Ramón de España, Alicia Giménez Bartlett, Rosa Regàs, Juan Tallónand Mauricio Wiesenthal. Each one in its own style and with total creative freedom,...

Innovative materials for the Outdoor product line

Furniture for both residential and commercial installations require the highest quality materials that are durable, reliable, stylish and always comfortable. Innovation is the key factor creating materials for exterior use. For this reason the Andreu World Outdoor line of furniture is made with cutting-edge multipurpose materials that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Among them, we have developed a treatment for steel called EPL5 that is applied to collections such as Trenza, Sand, and Sombra. This treatment consists of a series of...