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DESIGN FOR RECONNECTING | Design voices: Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

Six of the most influential designers tell us a few words about their perspective on the changes we are experiencing nowadays and how to deal with them. Piergiorgio Cazzaniga “From the experience of remote work and the temporary restructuring also in the internal offices that many have experienced, you can find interesting design ideas. The two tracks on which I would direct future projects for the workspace would be material quality and ideal quality. I believe that new projects will surely have a low environmental impact and they will be designed to...

Video | Reverse, a sculptural form

Reverse has a sculptural presence with great versatility. The sculptural base can be situated in interior and exterior spaces. Single, as a pair to support large tabletops, and also forming groups in communal projects. Its catalog of finishes is as wide as its integration possibilities thus making Reverse an icon for every environment. The versatility of this program of bases is demonstrated in this video, offering a wide range of solutions through its different versions of tables: Lounge, Occasional, High Table and central bases in combination with different...

Reverse, a sculptural form

A clear, emphatic and singular form under a blanket of light without losing prominence. This combination is also a play on materials, textures and colors. Reverse bases have a sculptural presence and great versatility. They can be installed indoors and outdoors. Used alone, in pairs to support a large table top, and also forming groups in collective projects. Its range of finishes is as wide as its integration possibilities, all of which makes Reverse an icon in all types of environments.

Video | Flex Collections: Performance, beauty, versatility

In this video we present Flex, a family of four collections in numerous finishes and forms: Flex Chair, Flex High Back, Flex Corporate and Executive. Flex is functional, durable and attractive. It is the ideal office chair and an elegant option for hospitality and residential projects.

Sail, a rational beauty

Technology can be the perfect ally when it’s time to optimize resources, investigate and attain maximum efficiency. Sail is the perfect example of this alliance. Like its namesake, Sail adapts its forms to offer maximum lightness and comfort. It’s modeled to receive the body in a comfortable manner. In Sail, technology reaches its maximum expression to obtain a chair that is both light and solid, with the simple summons of its formal beauty. Sail is a paradigmatic piece, born of the will to create a chair that offers polyvalence, strength and elegance without...