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Duos, an essential design

Beyond being practical or comfortable, functional or austere, even more than its aesthetic or formal value, some objects are valued for their ability to become part of our memory. We identify them without effort, they seem anonymous, but it is us that, over time, make them irreplaceable and give them special attention. Duos belongs to this category. It presents itself as an object of use, essential and kind, that integrates into our day to day activities without problems. However, the design is a result of an intense formal pursuit. Duos is...

Jasper Morrison and Duos collection meet in Tokyo

On June 2nd, the Andreu World’s Tokyo showroom hosted a design workshop with Jasper Morrison to introduce the details of the new collections and products for workspace, hospitality, outdoor and residential projects. This workshop brought together designers, interior designers and architects to celebrate the latest collections and products of the contemporary furniture manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience in the industry.The event was held at the Andreu World’s showroom in Tokyo, which was inaugurated in 2016 and is located in the Minami Aoyama...

Jasper Morrison evaluates the projects submitted for this year's edition

As a juror of the 2016 Design Contest, the designer Jasper Morrison, who has been work with Andreu World for a number of years, provided his particular point of view on the projects submitted for this year's edition. After analyzing the models presented, in search of the what he calls “good design, Morrison commented that in his decision, when it came time to select the better projects I had to take into account the comfort, durability and practical use, being at the the same time simple for production and maintaining a measure correct of the different...