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Trends: Sand, a color in its own right

We work with Giulio Ridolfo, one of the best specialists in the world, to create a trend palette with colors inspired by the Mediterranean. Mooding board of Sand Tones, included at Stories 04: Mediterraneanism in Color I like the idea of thinking of sand as a color in its own right, with all its variants and shades that go through beiges and persimmons. It is not a bright color that well delineates the contours, it is a soft color, very present in our environment and that is well assimilated. From the color of the skin to that of the beach, straw,...

Greens | Color Stories

Green is the color of nature. But it is also a color present in our garden, in the tones of olive oil, cypresses, grapes or glass. It is the color of abundance, a color that transmits freshness and at the same time tranquility. It is also a sincere and spontaneous color. This green moodboard is part of the study Stories Mediterraneanism in colors carried out together with Giulio Ridolfo and involves a materialization of 12 shades that represent the approach to our universe of color. Specially this green moodboard summarizes the captivating look that Giulo, this...

Stories: Mediterraneanism in Color | Earths & Nuez

A sheet of paper is all we need to mold or shape an idea. This is how the Nuez was born from Patricia Urquiola’s hands, modeling its shell with a simple paper. The folds take on the enveloping shape that characterizes it. Then technology willbe responsible for materializing it in an injected thermopolymer seat, which is comfortable in use and also in touch, for that added texture reminiscent of aquilted fabric. The interior upholstery is also the result of a studied manufacturingand the different leg options configure a versatile program. For home or...