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Video | Reverse, a sculptural form

Reverse has a sculptural presence with great versatility. The sculptural base can be situated in interior and exterior spaces.  Single, as a pair to support large tabletops, and also forming groups in communal projects. Its catalog of finishes is as wide as its integration possibilities thus making Reverse an icon for every environment.

The versatility of this program of bases is demonstrated in this video, offering a wide range of solutions through its different versions of tables: Lounge, Occasional, High Table and central bases in combination with different tabletops.


Reverse’s functionality is the result of mixing different options and tabletop dimensions with central bases of various sizes. Large scale tables can be created by combining up to four bases. 

The versatility of the Reverse program, produced by Andreu World and designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, is based on its combinatorial philosophy that offers great creativity. Integral solutions can be added for electrical and multimedia connectivity.

A clear, curved and singular form is sheltered under a light tabletop without losing prominence. This combination is also a play between materials, textures and colors.