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Red: vibrant, energetic and with presence

We work with Giulio Ridolfo, one of the best specialists in the world, to create a trend palette with colors inspired by the Mediterranean.




Red is a color that shares its vibrant and energetic aspect with yellow and orange. It is the color of many flowers associated with our ecosystem such as hibiscus and geraniums. In the Mediterranean there is a lot of intense vermilion tone. It is for him the color of birth, of life, it is related to the heart, to the representation of love. And this is something very typical of the Mediterranean character where we are very willing to communicate our feelings, which are associated with red, with the emotional.




Its variety of tones ranges from very dark to lighter, but in any case, red is a very attractive color, which has a lot of presence and which can define and mark a space. Therefore, it is frequently used to add drama and mystery to an environment. 




Occupations are inherited from generation to generation because they are carried in the blood, which is bright red when oxygenated by hemoglobin. Artisan work is born from the hands, but we all know that it is also done with the heart, the organ that pumps it, which is the symbol of emotions and feelings. 



Element: Estudio Andreu + Gensler Consulting Group


Design has always been nourished by them, with greater or lesser intensity, even in the era of rationalism. The Element reminds us of the classics, reinterpreted with a contemporary language from Estudio Andreu with the collaboration of Gensler. Functional lounge chairs and sofas, aesthetically sober, well proportioned, visually light and upholstered with the mastery of other times.




‘’When I started working on a series of colors that represented the essence of the Mediterranean, I realized that color is something very abstract, it must be associated with touch, texture, and sensuality for its perception.’’


Giulio Ridolfo