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Trends: Orange, vitamin and sports

We work with Giulio Ridolfo, one of the best specialists in the world, to create a trend palette with colors inspired by the Mediterranean.


andreu_world_trends_oranges_1Mooding board of Oranges Tones, included at Stories 04: Mediterraneanism in Color. 


Orange is a vitamin color, sports, the color of activity. Mediterranean sunrises and sunsets are painted in all shades of this color. Once again it is a “nutritional” color, which surrounds us in the form of oranges, carrots, pumpkins, melons, corals, tangerines, shrimp ... It is among the colors that improve with daylight because it gives off light.




That’s what you expect from an orange, that is alive, animated, that does not reduce its energy. In that it resembles yellow, however they are very different colors that do not allow one to be replaced by the other. It is a very graphic color and works very well in its glossy, patent versions.



It is also a difficult color to combine with others, but its energy makes it used in small doses to be exposed and relevant to what you want to highlight.


andreu_World_trends_oranges_5Flex Armchair Piergiorgio Cazzaniga 

In some parts of the world the advice of elders is still valued. To Cazzaniga, when he was a young beardless man, his grandfather told him “Piergiorgio, use the brain, don’t sweat”. Maybe that’s why he preferred to take up the profession of design like a sport and dedicate his life to creating chairs, some of them to be able to work comfortably seated. That is the premise of the Flex Corporate collection, which evolves with new more flexible, lightweight and versatile versions. Flex Armchair has a wraparound shell with integrated arms that hugs you when sitting. Workspaces are changing and office buildings, like the seats in them, can also be less rigid and more colorful.




By starting to work with Andreu World on a series of colors that represented the essence of the Mediterranean, I realized that our culture, our way of living, is closely linked to handmade things, be it the activity of painting a house or cooking, because we are very attached to the colors of what we eat, to the preparation of things or the act of doing them.

Giulio Ridolfo