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Andreu World, the first Spanish company in the residential and design furniture sector with the highest number of industrial design registrations in 2017

The international furniture brand of contemporary design is also in second place in the ranking of innovative companies with greater intellectual protection of their designs during the past year.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) places Andreu World in second place in the ranking of Spanish companies that presented the highest number of designs to ensure the legal protection of their products.

Andreu World, international furniture firm of contemporary and avant-garde design with more than 62 years of experience, is today one of the companies most committed to design as an innovation strategy.

The classification, published by WIPO, is made up of the international companies that presented the highest volume of product designs in this period, in which Andreu World, in addition to being in second place, is also the only furniture design firm. In Spain, the largest applicants for design registration at an international level last year was Seat followed by Andreu World.

The solid commitment to R+D, together with the constant development of new contemporary seating and table designs - both for home and commercial applications - has been reflected in the statistics of WIPO, the international agency responsible for the registration of trademarks, drawings, designs and industrial patents. The CEO of Andreu World, Jesús Llinares, has highlighted the importance availing itself of the legal protection of industrial design, because it is "the best way to protect the effort, the industrial, commercial and professional reputation of the companies, for that reason in Andreu World we register all the industrial models that we create because this way we ensure the right to the exclusive exploitation of our products throughout the world. "

100% Design Protection 

For many years, Andreu World has maintained a constant commitment to R+D+i that has led it to protect the creative and industrial work of all its collections. For this reason, all Andreu World collections are protected by industrial design registrations, patents, copyright and intellectual property rights worldwide.

Within this protection policy, Andreu World makes an important effort every year in the protection and surveillance of its designs. In this sense, during 2017 and 2018 the company has opened different legal actions against third parties in order to defend the quality, authenticity and design of the author.

The actions - carried out both in Spain and abroad - have focused on the denunciation of copies detected in some of the best-known models. The result of these actions has been able to reinforce the protection and the originality of the design and the withdrawal of the infringing pieces from the market. Apart from the protection of its creations, the Andreu World brand is positioned internationally, operating as a leading firm in the manufacturing and marketing of contemporary and avant-garde design furniture in more than 70 countries. This implantation and positioning has been possible thanks to the solid protection and surveillance carried out by the Andreu World brand, at a national, European and international level.

In fact, Andreu World is today the only furniture design firm that integrates the renowned brands forum, an initiative that brings together the leading national firms in international implementation with the aim of defending Spanish brands abroad, and that has as a purpose to serve as the engine of "Made in Spain".