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Andreu World opens new showroom in London

The new Andreu World space in London aims to become a point of reference for interior and furniture design of workspaces, contract, outdoor and home in the capital of the United Kingdom. Located in the heart of the district of Clerkenwell (104-110 Goswell Road), the London showroom is an open and dynamic space that is articulated through different areas that range from seats, armchairs and sofas to meeting and occasional tables created by international designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Lievore Altherr Molina and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. In addition, the space exhibits a selection of different chairs and stools that offer furniture solutions for public and private spaces, offices, restaurants and home.




The concept of the new London showroom uses the hallmarks identifying the Andreu World brand, with a continuous presence of natural wood throughout the space, a material that perfectly expresses the characteristics of the Andreu World seats and tables, a balance between the timeless, the elegant and the contemporary.


The wood provides warmth and nobility, but also freshness and naturalness. The space opens to the outside thanks to large windows that provide continuity between the exterior and the interior, integrating urban life and the Andreu World collections.




In its interior, distinct scenes have been created that are wrapped with different architectural elements in wood creating an effect of separation but allowing the connection of all the spaces. Backlit spaces have also been fashioned, which give greater depth to the space, that is further completed with a collaborative space with audiovisuals that can be used as a lounge-meeting room. 

Utilizing natural wood as a common language and nexus, it is an essential element of the space due to its material aspect and its reminiscence to the origins of the firm. The new showroom welcomes designs such as Nuez Chair, a chair designed by Patricia Urquiola, suggestive, warm and at the same time technological, which evokes the folds of a sheet of paper and is very versatile. The versatility of this collection gives way to comfort, represented by the Raglan sofa, creating a very comfortable lounge area or Capri Lounge, a lounge chair that combines exceptional comfort and great sophistication. The care of the details of Andreu World is also visible in the new London space with soft seating collections such as Raglan and Alya. 



The culture of artisanal woodworking combined with innovation in materials and technologies is perceived in chairs such as Duos, created by Jasper Morrison, and which is characterized by its formal synthesis and timelessness. The showroom also displays a series of table collections with a corporate vocation such as Radial Conference, and a selection of occasional tables such as Reverse, Quattro and Dual. 

In short, a selection of designs that seek greater versatility and new aesthetic, functional and innovative possibilities in the use of new materials and uses adapted to new work environments, corporate and public, but also valid for residential and commercial spaces.
The showroom aims to be a work space open to professionals of interior design, furnishing and decoration. For this purpose, a selection of finishes, textures, colors, fabrics and innovative materials are offered, with which the firm wants to extend its brand experience in the capital, bringing architects, designers, interior designers and design enthusiasts a new space of exhibition, work and inspiration in the center of London. 



This space joins the permanent showroom that the brand has around the world such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., Denver, Dubai, Tokyo, Moscow, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, Stockholm and Copenhagen and spaces within stores in cities such as Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver, among others.