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Kālida Sant Pau Foundation

Located in Barcelona, Kālida Sant Pau has opened its doors, a space for people with cancer to feel accompanied, informed and able to share their feelings and concerns in an atmosphere of total understanding.
Integrated by professionals specialized in cancer support Kālida Sant Pau offers emotional, practical and social support, free and open to anyone with cancer and their immediate environment. A unique program, based on the experience of the Maggie's organization, whose international network of centers is part of.


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Like the other centers of the Scottish organization - always designed by renowned architects - it was essential to have a building designed for this purpose. In this case, it has been the architect Benedetta Tagliabue, who has made the architectural design. Interior design, for its part, is signed by Patricia Urquiola.


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Conceived as a garden pavilion in which the boundaries between interior and exterior are blurred, the 400 square meters building is organized on two levels and a garden. Open and flexible spaces and rooms surrounded by green areas to make the hospital environment "disappear", and at the same time, be able to use the outdoor landscape areas without feeling observed from the tall buildings that surround the complex.


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Andreu World contributed substantially to the seating furniture throughout the space: different lounge chairs and sofas have been placed to provide comfort to people during group activities as well as sets of lounge chairs and tables for individual counselling sessions and workshops. In addition, some Nuez chairs surround the dining area and some common spaces at the heart of the center.


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