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Design and resistance for indoor and outdoor furniture

In order to guarantee maximum and safety, both residential and contract furnishing must meet certain standards and pass stringent testing that certifies the pieces’ safety, durability and stability.


On the international level, there are different standards and tests to certify the quality of a chair or table designed for use in the home, public spaces, offices, hotels and restaurants etc… At Andreu World we make sure that our raw materials, products and purchased components meet the highest standards and the most demanding certifications.  For this reason, our chairs and tables are tested on a daily basis for durability and quality and our methods are supervised and evaluated by third-party international institutions.   


Among the various tests that are conducted on our products are evaluations of the resistance of the furniture against accidental damage that can be expected during normal use throughout the pieces’ lifetime.  


One test, based on the North American ANSI/BIFMA standard, stimulates the use by dropping a 225 pound (102 Kg) weight on the seat from a height of 6 inches (152 mm), measured from the uncompressed seat to the base of the bag.  After this test, a second test is performed with a bag loaded with 300 pounds (136 Kg).  A successful assessment would result in a fully operational seat after the first test and after the second should have not produced any sharp cracks.



prueba resistencia


All of our models are certified under all sections of this standard ensuring compliance with the highest measures of quality.  This standard was developed by the BIFMA’s (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) Engineering Committee and are reviewed every 5 years in accordance with the requirements established by ANSI (American National Standard Institute).  The intent is to provide manufacturers, specifies and users with a common approach for evaluating safety, durability and structural integrity of the furniture.