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The New School, an innovative campus in the heart of Manhattan

The Carola and Sit collections have been chosen to furnish The New School’s University Center. 

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Located in the heart of Manhattan at the intersection of 14th Street and Fifth Avenue, this approximately 375,000 square foot multipurpose center provides all the services of a traditional campus including academic space and student residences but with an urban touch. The building is the new focal point of the campus and the large glass windows display the buzz of activity to pedestrians on the street. A mix of architectural materials were used on the exterior such as metal plates to visually convey the idea of movement.


The result is an architecture whose identity is completely intertwined with the urban environment of New York City.



The New School_Interior Design 

The center was designed and constructed to meet LEED BD+C standards at the Gold level. This achievement make it one of the most sustainable buildings in New York and one of the greenest academic buildings in the country.

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The programming of the interior is centered around three central staircases that serve as informal interactions areas and promote healthy living. There are19,000 square feet of academic space including the library where the Carola armchair, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, is installed in a warm wood finish. In parallel, white Sit chairs and stools complement social spaces such as the campus cafeteria. Additionally this space includes 19 fashion studios, 17 drawing studios, 12 classrooms and 7 science labs.