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How to eco-design a chair

The Ronda chair has been one of our first designs to be reworked following eco-design criteria. Unsustainable consumption, besides being damaging to nature, is a very expensive means to the end. We are increasingly committed to ecological design or eco-design which allows us to offer products created with a smaller impact to the environment and better lifecycle.  How is this done?  For Andreu World, we start with an existing chair design, such as the Ronda, we reworked the piece using eco-design strategies supported by the international standard ISO 14006.  The redesign minimized the environmental impact of every stage of its useful life from development to final use while barely altering its original aesthetic.  In collaboration with ENISA – dependent of the Directorate General of Industry and PYME of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the project was able to optimize almost 3% of the embodied energy consumption and more than 1% of the carbon footprint.    




The Ronda chair utilizes a system of detachable joint legs and seat cushion.  This feature helps to minimize the volume of the chair during transport and storage thus reducing the amount of packaging materials, adhesives and enables easy replacement of damaged components.  As a result of the rework of the design, it was identified that the primary contribution to the environmental impact of the Ronda was energy consumption at the factory. This discovery enables future strategies for eco-efficiency to be defined during manufacturing.        


Ecodiseño - Ronda - Lievore Altherr Molina