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The Brandy collection at the Hotel Vernet Paris

The elegance and comfort of Brandy armchairs, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, have made it an ideal design for this majestic hotel. Located in the heart of Paris. For the centenary of its establishment, the hotel designed by Gustave-Eiffel itself has been renovated by the interior designer of Marseille Francois Champsaur, renewing the art-deco atmosphere around the hotel with new pieces like the Brandy armchair, which has placed in spaces such as the main dining rooms and meeting rooms. For these rooms, have been selected bright colors for fabrics, such as magenta green or electric blue, which combine perfectly with the big sofas that surrounds the space.


6.5 Hotel Vernet


The dark tones have also been selected for the Brandy armchairs that accompany the glass for large tables reserved and assembly areas. For the full hotel have been selected the Brandy armchair with central wooden bases with its slim, stylish and comfortable design.

6.1 Hotel Vernet


The art-deco hotel atmosphere completes with different artwork surronding all spaces. The centerpiece is the great glass dome of the main dining room, which is now complete with other decorative objects in different colors and shapes that you can found in every corner of the hotel.


Abstract rugs, copper screens and different accessories like chandeliers created by Eric Schmitt and Jean-Michel Alberola fresco at the roof turned into a large art gallery, which extends even to the rooms, whose numbers are sculptures.