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Smile, an attitude for life

For almost 60 years, we have evolved in harmony with the times, to offer the practical and esthetic solutions in demand all over the world. We have succeeded thanks to our flexible yet firm attitude. Flexible in regards to the product and the constant improvements we make to our work. Firm in how we value and respect artisanal tradition in harmony with the latest technology that we incorporate into our production processes, and in maintaining quality in the details as our ultimate goal.

Year after year, we have globalized without ever losing our local essence. We are currently present in the world’s most demanding markets and we have a permanent presence in Europe, Eastern Europe, America and Asia. Our name, Andreu World, is a declaration of our principles: it expresses our attitude towards life and our international vocation.  





Smile expresses naturalness and closeness. Its shapes encompass and unite a peaceful aura and simple Japanese and Scandinavian features. It’s a demonstration of how lightness can be dynamic; resistance is attained from its fluid and precise structure. It is built from light and softly rounded elements, and fastened in a way that makes Smile one of the most resistant chairs in the Andreu World catalog.

Smile is available as a stackable side chair, armchair and barstool, with or without  a back. All variations are presented with two different types of back – slats or board – and with oak board or upholstered seats.