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Greens | Color Stories

Green is the color of nature. But it is also a color present in our garden, in the tones of olive oil, cypresses, grapes or glass. It is the color of abundance, a color that transmits freshness and at the same time tranquility. It is also a sincere and spontaneous color. 

This green moodboard is part of the study "Stories Mediterraneanism in colors" carried out together with Giulio Ridolfo and involves a materialization of 12 shades that represent the approach to our universe of color. Specially this green moodboard summarizes the captivating look that Giulo, this master of color, makes on our own materials and finishes.



What makes the Mediterranean green special is the diversity and quantity of tones there are, we have olives, cypresses and waters. This is important because it is what gives it great complexity. The blue-green of the Mediterranean I see it more liquid here than in other places. Austria is very defined by the green of its pines, but they are very different shades of green than ours. Their greens are monotones, they lack tonalities and subtlety, very different from those of here that are very varied and in it lies their beauty. The green in our culture is as important as the sands or the lands because they dominate our daily life”, explains Ridolfo.



It is also a versatile color that can be very deep at night. It is an opaque color that works better in accessories than in large pieces and that triumphs when the bluish greens combine with the gray ones or green-green ones.

The worldwide kitchen revolution that we have experienced over the last years arose in a small cove of the Costa Brava, inside a restaurant of universal fame. The Mediterranean diet is very healthy, but a high-end gastronomic experience is also highly recommended. The offering is varied, and we can enjoy it throughout the Mare Nostrum. 




Capri Lounge

Those who like to eat and sit well know that the best way for a meal to end is in an armchair, which is the best piece of furniture that exists to relax with a glass or a cigar in your hand. Those from the Capri Lounge collection were born with a less hedonistic purpose, although with the same objective of promoting more comfortable meetings and with less haste in our daily life.