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How can the design of a restaurant be timeless?

“Eat Well Seated” book has the answers. What makes a restaurant and its interior design immediately pleasant and potentially eternal? Undoubtedly, there are two things that can not fail: the food must be delicious and the chair comfortable.

That is why the book "Eat well seated", edited by Andreu World and published by Planeta Gastro, brings together 50 of the most delicious and comfortable restaurants of the four continents, is a must read for the designers of gastronomic spaces and gourmands: thanks to detailed interviews with the creative minds of some of the most successful restaurants in the world. From José Andrés to Gastón Acurio.



After the premiere at Madrid Design Festival, the international edition of the book was presented exclusively during the Frame Lab & Frame Awards, in mid-February at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. The concept of "Eating well seated" and the reflection on the new gastronomic spaces and the user's experience in the hospitality environment, was the axis of the participation of Andreu World during Frame Lab. The book was one of the most prized objects of the contest as part of the welcome pack of the Frame Award jury, during a dinner that was held in a selected restaurant in Amsterdam.



During the meeting, the editorial team of Frame join a conversation about some of the key ideas of the book, from the high rotation of focused restaurants until the only thing that makes diners forgive bad decoration. Below your answers:


Can you detect the personality, empathy and vision of a restaurant by analyzing only the chair they provide to guests?

The chair should have personality, but it should not be the protagonist of the place, the best thing of all is that we do not have to remember it during dinner, as Eneko Atxa says. If a chair is comfortable and quality, it shows at first glance, but what is not seen is also important: its durability. Andreu World, for example, offers a 5-year guarantee for the units it manufactures.



In this age of Instagram, we have seen a problem in the restaurant industry: many entrepreneurs think first about the design and then the menu, and the latter is often significantly affected. How do you think that the restaurants selected for the book have been able to strike a balance with pleasure for all the senses?

That was precisely the criterion to choose them, the balance between both parties. That's why we call the meetings with "chefs" the pairings. Although today, and this is true in Spain, chefs have much more presence in the media than designers. So, in part, this is logical, since it is easier and more popular to talk about the restaurant's kitchen than its chairs. However, let's not forget that in the 80s and 90s, the design promoted the night bars and then the chefs, who knew how to use it to evolve, as it should be.




Instagram has accelerated and at the same time decreased the useful time of interior design of a restaurant. I saw him recently in Madrid, where there is a tremendous turnover in modern neighborhoods. What do the timeless restaurants that many "rotatives" do not have?

This question can be answered with the words of Albert Raurich: "There are two types of cuisine, good and bad: I feel good." That is the main thing: if the food and service are good, the customer can forgive the bad: the decoration, but not the other way around: a good design by itself is not a guarantee of success in a restaurant.



Of all the cases presented in the book, which surprised you most in terms of research behind a seemingly simple visual element?

In the book there are 50 examples of restaurants scattered around the world, developed by high-level professionals who know the importance of eating well sitting and also of the many other details that the design of a haute cuisine restaurant requires. It must be carried out jointly with the chef, at the service of his concept. In addition, each case is different in the same way that each kitchen has its own personality.   


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