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DESIGN FOR RECONNECTING | Design voices: Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

Six of the most influential designers tell us a few words about their perspective on the changes we are experiencing nowadays and how to deal with them.


Piergiorgio Cazzaniga




“From the experience of remote work and the temporary restructuring also in the internal offices that many have experienced, you can find interesting design ideas. The two tracks on which I would direct future projects for the workspace would be material quality and ideal quality.


I believe that new projects will surely have a low environmental impact and they will be designed to contribute to creating a more pleasant condition of the space dedicated to work. For this, the raw materials used will be from renewable and recyclable sources. In addition, maximum attention must also be paid to the ideal quality and the production cycle. During confinement, we have continued to work remotely, experiencing new ways of working for the first time. Working from home, discovering, in each one of them, new creative, concentrated and organizational qualities. Hence the sensation of creating new places and projects that will have to offer this opportunity. To this end, new projects should be customizable to allow the user to create a space that makes them feel comfortable.”