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DESIGN FOR RECONNECTING | Design voices: Philippe Starck

Six of the most influential designers tell us a few words about their perspective on the changes we are experiencing nowadays and how to deal with them.


Philippe Starck



“Work is a fun task. Hopefully, the ‘After Covid’ will not make the implosion of society. Unfortunately, ‘post-Covid’ life will not be a revolution. Only a few real-life confirmations of what we already know:


- The origin of the word ‘emploi’ (work in French) means obligation.

- We do not need very specialized furniture to work.

- To work, above all, is to create.

- It is good to work at home because you can follow your own biorhythm.

- Taking naps doubles your life and your work power.

- Sex is good for creativity because it is the same.

- Have a bed or sofa in your workspace.

- Music is very good for working, since it organizes your brain.

- Try to work standing up and move a lot.

- When you work, look out the window and think of something else.

- Be honest, creative, healthy, generous, visionary, sincere and rebellious, and your work will bebetter independent of the type of chair you sit in.”