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The Dado sofa, German Design Award

The new collection from Alfredo Häberli, awarded for its comfort and flexibility.

Dado sofa collection is among the winners of the 2019 German Design Awards. The new collection by Alfredo Häberli received a Special Mention in the Furniture for Excellent Product Design category. The German Design Award is one of the most renowned design competitions worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond design circles. Those who beat out the high-caliber competitors have successfully proven that they are among the best. The Dado sofa has been chosen among more than 500 international projects across more than 10 categories. 


German Dado Blog 

The prize will be awarded at a gala in February 2019 and Dado sofa will be part of the exhibition showcasing the winners. This exhibition, accompanying the award ceremony, will feature all winners as part of the German Design Award – Excellent Product Design exhibition at the Frankfurt Fairgrounds. This event represents an additional highlight for the approximately 140,000 professional visitors attending the 2019 Ambiente Tradeshow.



On the other hand, Alfredo Häberli presented at Orgatec the new combinations of Dado for workspaces. Häberli explained that Dado is a very comfortable modular sofa that arises from a precise set of proportions, volumes and color. A neutral piece that is adaptable in any environment. Tradition and innovation are at the heart of my work as a designer, and are the foundations on which Andreu World is based, so it’s a very natural partnership.”




Häberli spoke about his creative process, what inspires him and the collection’s approach to workspaces which includes a myriad of possibilities, allowing multiple combinations with the addition of different elements: corners, central modules, chaise longue and footrests of different sizes and depths, that facilitate their integration into public, work or private spaces.