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COVID-19 | Update

Our people's health and safety come first for us. We are strictly following the advice and standards established by the health authorities on prevention measures against this virus and informing our employees and suppliers about the recommended good practices.

We want to send a message of calmness to all our clients and report that:

1. Our commercial representatives are available by email, telephone and videoconference, working from home and following all preventive measures in terms of health and safety.

2. The customer service and sales support teams also continue to work from home and operate with the same level of quality.

3. The production plants are fully operational, as well as the key teams for COM / COL logistics and management.

4. The finance and accounting teams continue to work with all security measures to offer continuous service to our clients and support to suppliers.

5. Our department of samples of materials, finishes and fabrics remains fully operational.

We would also like to thank our upholstery and sewing team who have made it possible for Andreu World to manufacture protective material for our local communities, material that is being donated in the first instance to the cities where our production centers are located.

Finally, we thank you once again for your loyal support and we encourage you to continue helping others to overcome this health crisis by offering the best of yourselves. In our 65 years of business history we have seen ourselves in difficult situations such as the one we are experiencing, and we have always faced it with passion, supporting our people, our suppliers and clients, with the vision, principles and values that define the Andreu World character

Stay safe.