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Stories: Mediterraneanism in Color | Earths & Nuez

A sheet of paper is all we need to mold or shape an idea. This is how the Nuez was born from Patricia Urquiola’s hands, modeling its shell with a simple paper.

Nuez 600x375


The folds take on the enveloping shape that characterizes it. Then technology will be responsible for materializing it in an injected thermopolymer seat, which is comfortable in use and also in touch, for that added texture reminiscent of a quilted fabric. The interior upholstery is also the result of a studied manufacturing and the different leg options configure a versatile program. For home or for corporate environments such as work areas, waiting rooms or conference rooms, in color as elegant as terracotta


I also believe that earth tones are colors that are characteristic of the Mediterranean and that supports a wide range of tones. They are very varied colors, with a very broad palette, some soft more yellow, others pinker and others more forceful, rusty and very reddish. 


From the cinnamon to date through nut, brick, carnelian or amber. They are organic, sustainable colors. Colors that we identify around us and thatgive a certain sense of belonging to this latitude.  

They are associated with flexibility, malleability, as they are the tones of clay, terracotta. Solid, never transparent. In a way, it is archetypal. It is also dry. They are matte, dense, light-absorbing colors that contrast with powerful and clear colors such as white, blue or black.


They work very well with the sands. They are quite neutral also but very warm, and great to use in large quantities.

Giulio Ridolfo