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20 years supporting emerging talent at COAM

Andreu World organizes - on February 13th at 7:30 p.m. at COAM - on the occasion of the Madrid Design Festival 2020, a meeting of Spanish companies that promote international competitions and awards to support emerging talent in different fields of creation such as design, architecture and artistic crafts. In addition to the Valencian company, Cosentino, Roca, Signes and the Loewe Foundation will participate.



Professional competitions are common in disciplines such as architecture, branding and even the automotive industry, in its most restricted versions. It is a practice that is perfectly understood when it comes to projects that have a high cost and risk. But they are rarely open to emerging talent. For them, there are other types of competitions and awards organized by the Loewe Foundation and companies such as Cosentino, Roca, Signes and Andreu World. The last three recognized with the National Design Award, among other things, for having made the effort to organize them.

Spain is one of the countries in the world that has the most schools of architecture and design, spread over its main capitals. They form a significant number of students who are better and better each year. However, they are less likely to prove themselves than those of previous generations because the market cannot absorb them. It is pure statistics, schools do not manufacture architects and designers with the same proportion that new entrepreneurs emerge. Are there more professionals? Not at all, if they are good. The hard part is finding them when they are young.

You also have to put yourself in the role of entrepreneurs to understand how difficult it is to choose with whom they risk their investments, because the market is increasingly competitive and has little room for error. The usual thing is to work with recognized and experienced professionals, but let's not forget that they were also young once. That is why we must always leave a door open to new ones. They have a lot to offer, but they need showcases that make them visible.

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Meeting of Spanish companies that promote international competitions and awards to support emerging talent

Thursday, February 13 7:30 p.m.
COAM, Calle Hortaleza, 63, 28004 Madrid
Exhibition 20 years supporting emerging talent

February 13-16
COAM, Calle Hortaleza, 63, 28004 Madrid
* Opening February 13 from 7:30 p.m.