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The best designs, at the Design Contest awards ceremony

The contest has become an international showcase to promote and aiming to discover new design talent. This year, more than 350 projects from 30 different countries have been presented, with a great artistic and creative level in which students, professionals and schools from all over the world have participated.




This edition of the event has the collaboration of the prestigious Danish textile company Kvadrat and a jury is composed of Anders Bryiel (CEO of Kvadrat), Alexis Georgacopoulos (Director of the ÉCAL de Laussane school), Marcus Fairs (Dezeen founder), Belén Moneo (architect at Moneo Brock Studio), and Sheila Loewe (Loewe Foundation director).
The first prize went to the M table designed by Anuar Portugal of Mexico City. The winning design demonstrates formal elegance and an ingeniously designed construction. This table is assembled without screws or glue, it has three panels that are curved and assembled to support the top part. The design makes innovative use of Really Solid Textile Board, exploring its potential to make a three-dimensional shape from a two-dimensional material.

The second prize has gone to the "Bow stool # 1" project designed by Miguel Lantero of Madrid. The jury highlighted the experimentation of this highly original design, with its reference to engineering structures and its unexpected palette of materials. The design for the home can sometimes be too serious and conservative, but this stool exhibits a refreshing and endearing play.

Finally, the jury has awarded three honorable mentions to the projects:
Low chair (Dmitry Samygin, Moscow Russia)
Archetypal, caricatural and tactile;
Turbine tables (Max Neustadt, Munich, Germany)
A beautiful object, which takes the material to its maximum expression.
Occasional table (Dmitry Samygin, Moscow, Russia).
Constructive ingenuity from a simple idea. Logical design, clear and aesthetic.



Since its first occasion in 2001, the International Design Contest has been growing to become an international benchmark, especially with regard to the creation of seats and tables. The figures accumulated in the editions to date (2001-2019), with more than 30,000 contestants from 124 countries on 5 continents, offer an idea of the projection and significance that these awards have taken.



The involvement of the more than 200 schools and universities, which have been involved in the contest and more than one hundred jurors from around the world - designers, architects, journalists, chefs, artists - who have taken part in the deliberation process. For the firm, it is the best way to share and proliferate this platform for the advancement of talent and design culture that is at its roots.





The Andreu World International Design Contest is an event that annually brings together the creations of students and young designers who present their proposals, competing to make the most creative and innovative seat or table project, in a synthesis of design and technology, the result of which are unique pieces. The demand and effort of the contestants, together with the international dissemination of this event, make the International Competition a unique platform for the launch and promotion of new designers, as well as the best platform for the transmission of talent and design culture which is in the roots of Andreu World.