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18th International Design Contest

It is said that designing a chair or a table is one of the most difficult challenges for any professional, and it is true, but nevertheless, every year hundreds of new models appear on the market. Are there enough designs? Absolutely, because there is no furniture closer and more necessary to the activities of our daily lives. The good designs of tomorrow have to be born from the designers or students of today. That is why each year the International Design Contest, in which creators from five continents participate, tries to be a speaker and a platform to give visibility to talent and new trends in the way of inhabiting the space.

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Through these illustrations, we show you the winning projects from each of the contest editions, because sometimes a good design starts from a good sketch.

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International Design Contest Awards 

Throughout the 18 editions of the contest prizes totaling more than 100,000 euros have been awarded. This edition will have two prizes of 4,000 and 2,000 euros respectively. Each year, the award ceremonies are organized in different places and always finish with a celebration. The Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad’s Congreso Internacional de Arquitectura at the Baluarte Palace in Pamplona has been the setting on successive occasions for the presentation of the prizes.  
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