BQ1327 - Product - Andreu World
Barstool 52. Barstool with Eco thermo-polymer shell available in several colors or Pure Eco thermo-polymer (100% recycled) available in sand color and injection swivel central base, adjustable height and finished in polished aluminun, white or black. Available options: Upholstered seat pad, upholstered shell pad, fully upholsterd shell and parallel stitchng upholstery. Fire retardant version available, for further information contact our Sales Department.
Seat height Back height Width Depth
BQ1327 mm. 650 970 500 485
inches 25.5 38.25 19.75 19
  • White fabrics
  • L1
  • L2
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  • Sand fabrics
  • Brown fabrics
  • L3
  • Yellow fabrics
  • Red fabrics
  • Green fabrics
  • Blue fabrics
  • Black fabrics