Portadilla siesta

Siesta Outdoor


The modular Siesta sofa is recognized for its great comfort and beautiful proportions.


New Outdoor Project


This outdoor project features the Siesta Outdoor, Aire Outdoor and Raglan Table collections.


"Chairs" in Mallorca


Until June 29 you can visit the exhibition of iconic designs at the COAIB in Mallorca.


The Boston showroom opens its doors


It is the fifth space of Andreu World in the United States.

Showroom Chicago3

Chicago Showroom


The exhibition space is designed so that visitors can find any furnitur solution needed.

International Design Contest 2018

International Design Contest 2018


You can already participate in the 18th edition of the International Design Contest.


Stories | Trenza

Light and modern, Trenza is a reinterpreted Mediterranean icon that combines the craftsmanship of woven  bands with the sustainability of the materials.

Serena Stories

Collection | Serena Teak


Serena Teak created for outdoor use, uses teak as the integral material of the structure. 

Quattro Outdoor

Collection | Quattro


Quattro is a collection of bases suitable for outdoor spaces.

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