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Ecology and sustainability of wood

According to the organizationWWF Adena a very high percentage of international consumption of the wood comes from regions where illegal and unsustainable logging are internationally recognized, such as the Amazon, the Congo Basin, Southeast Asia, Europe This problem and Russia. 


The use of non-certified  wood can have a negative impact on forests, especially for those species that are threatened or that come from regions affected by poor forest management, illegal logging and deforestation. A poor wood selection contributes to the disappearance of forests, where the exploitation of the forest is often the first stage of a process that transforms virgin forests into deforested agricultural land or pasture for livestock. 





For this reason, at Andreu World we use only sustainable wood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).  The WWF España acknowledges  forest certification systems as the best manner to guarantee legal and sustainable sourcing of forest products.  The FSC balances economic, social and environmental interests, transparency to stakeholders and focuses on repairing the social and environmental impacts of destructive forestry practices. 

All products manufactured in our factories carry  the FSC Chain of Custody label. This certification verifies that the certified wood materials are identified or kept segregated from non-certified or non-controlled material during the entire process from the procurement of the raw material to the final consumer, including all stages of the processing: collection, transport, processing and distribution. 

This process allows the Andreu World products to carry the FSC label which in turn helps clients to identify and select products that support responsible forest management. Therefore, the use of wood-regulated by such international organizations  promote reforestation and rejuvenation of our forests, ensuring the production of oxygen young trees that improves the ecosystem.