FAQ - Andreu World
Will the projects be returned? When?


The presented works can be taken away by their authors in the Andreu World building from February 1st 2022 until February 28th 2022.

Contest participants must provide advance notice of at least three business days in order for Andreu World to pack the projects for their transport.

You can find further information in the contest rules.

What are the prizes?

1st prize of 6000 euros

2nd prize of 3000 euros

3 Special Mentions with 1000 euros each


What materials should I sent?


To our offices: Model 1:5 scale. Remember to reference the participant number on the model and in the shipping box.
- By mail: Technical report.

Technical report

At minimum, the technical report must contain the following:

  • Participant number
  • Image of design
  • Design description

The report may also include any of these items:

  • Project name
  • Seating or table objectives
  • Production costs
  • Compliance with intended functions
  • Ergonomics
  • Innovative elements
  • Any information that the participant believes can improve the project

The following information is prohibited:

  • Personal or studio name(s), this includes logos
  • Personal address
What is the closing date for receipt of projects?

26th of November 2021.

How should projects be sent?

By the most appropriate and the safest means of transportation possible, or delivered in person to our facilities.

Each entrant must pay the costs of postage and packaging when sending their project to our facilities. No unpaid freight will be accepted.

Andreu World 
C/ Los Sauces 7
P.O.Box No.127
Urb. Olimar, E-46370
Chiva, Valencia
Tel. (+ 34) 96 180 57 00

Projects sent from the United States of America can be sent to the following address:
Andreu World
Merchandise Mart 222
Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Showroom 10-132 - 10th Floor
T. +1 312 464 09 00

What should I keep in mind when mailing my entry?

In the case of the entries and collected international projects, some courier companies require the participant have a customer number to make payment for the transport.

In addition to the cost from the courier company, there may be costs incurred for customs.

These customs costs depend directly on the commercial value of the content and the project.

Andreu World, will not manage and will not pay for the costs arising from the transport, taxes, customs fees, etc.

If my prototype arrives in poor condition or damaged during transportation, will I be disqualified?


All models received, providing they fulfil all our requirements, can take part in the competition regardless of the state in which they arrive.

However, Andreu World, shall not be responsible for the state or condition of scale models resulting from problems during transportation.

In order to ensure that models arrive in the best possible condition, we recommend that you send your project in impact-resistant packaging with appropriate cushioning against accidents (a box made from reinforced cardboard, for example).

In no case should your project be allowed to come into contact with the walls of the box.

Will project boxes and packages be saved or returned?


Project boxes and packages, as well as any protection and padding, will be disposed in the preparation of the model for the jury’s deliberation.