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Lines | Mobile panels for work and space dividers



LINES is a mobile divider solution that demarcates spaces and protects the personal area of workers and users, reducing exposure and providing security. Lines is based on a concept different sized of panels and are available in a wide variety of materials (acrylic, wood and upholstery) and finishes that can be combined with each other, with a graphic, close and versatile character. 




Available in table, floor and wall versions, the Lines system provides complete configuration freedom to customize each space and give it its own character. 




The design language of this panel program, with its rounded corners, gives it a graphic character, permitting easy integration into any type of environment or space.




Panels in different sizes and are available in acrylic, oak and upholstery, which allows for easy cleaning and disinfection.




In its table version, the philosophy of the aluminum guide system allows for easy fastening and a clean and integrated design.




In its floor version, the Lines program offers various panel sizes, including two curved options of 90º and 135º in the acrylic option, allowing for the creation of continuous compositions.




The quality of materials is an identifying mark of Lines, and the acrylic is available in 4 colors, transparent, smoke gray, green and blue, which permits a wide range of combinations with oak and upholstered panels.




Lines aids in the reorganization of spaces and distribution of workstations, helping to direct the flow of circulation.