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DESIGN FOR RECONNECTING | The evolution of design interiors

The current situation has forced people to drastically change their lifestyles. In a way or another we are being forced to act completely different to how we did before. Our social interactions will be reduced to minimum, the attention to cleaning and disinfection increases, open spaces are now crucial, and our working routines will have to be flexible, allowing us to work from home.



Until today, the design of offices has led us to the creation of open and flexible spaces with common areas that allow for the socialization and interaction of teams.  All of them have sought an aesthetic close to that of the home, with unassigned spaces (hot-desking) and coworking areas to generate maximum synergies.





In these spaces, the user’s experience, safety and well-being have been prioritized, indicating a major change in the selection of furniture, materials and finishes, with the choice of hygienic and easily maintained and cleaned materials, in addition to a greater demand for sustainable design.



In these spaces, the customer experience and safety prevail, with more intimate, safe and flexible environments that offer added value with the incorporation of separation elements, the creation of circulation areas and resistant, safe, hygienic and timeless furnishings.





The creation of exterior spaces and the incorporation of biophilia to increase the connection with the natural world join the request for these new outdoor spaces where the choice of versatile and flexible furniture, resistant to outdoor use and easy cleaning, prevails.





At home, the home office plays a special role. Its design must be done paying attention to aspects such as the lighting, soundproofing and ventilation of the space. In regard to the furniture, you should look for an ergonomic and functional work chair as well as a custom work table with integrated connectivity allowing you to work comfortably.