Conditions and Briefing

Students or design professionals interested in participating can consult the Conditions and the Briefing via the "Contest | 19" menu.


Participants may complete the Registration process for the Andreu World International Design Contest once they have obtained a participant number. Once you have identified yourself in the website, you can consult and request your participant numbers (for example: 20190001) in the Participant numbers section within the Inscription menu.

Each participant must request a participant number for each project presented. You can request as many participant numbers as are necessary.

Video Presentation

The presentation of a creative video explaining the project and/or showing the details and model of the design will be evaluated.

The maximum video duration (*.avi) will be 2 minutes and should be created in widescreen format with a minimum resolution of 1080p (1920x1080) and maximum resolution of 2160p (3840x2160).
File size in avi format cannot exceed 1 Gb.

The video should be uploaded to the Andreu World contest website. Once identified, access the menu option "Upload video", where you can upload the file, renaming it with the "participant number" (e.g. "20190001.avi").


All documentation must sent to by post or messenger service, or by delivering the project by hand to our offices, before 29th November 2019.

Andreu World, S.A.,
C/ Los Sauces, 7 Urb. Olimar
46370 Chiva – Valencia
T. +34 96 180 57 00

or P.O. Box Nº 127,
C.P. 46370 Chiva
Valencia Spain
T. +34 96 180 57 00

Projects sent from the United States of America can be sent to the following address before 15th November 2019.

Andreu World America
Attn: 2017 Design Contest
222 Merchandise Mart
Ste 10-132
Chicago, Illinois 60654
T. +1 312 464 09 00


The awards ceremony will be held on December 2019.

Return of projects

The projects submitted may be collected by their authors starting February 3rd, 2020 to February 28th, 2019 at the facilities of Andreu World, S.A. (address(s) below).

Andreu World
C/ Los Sauces, 7 Urb. Olimar
46370 Chiva, Valencia

or P.O. Box Nº 127,
C.P. 46370 Chiva,
Valencia Spain
T. +34 96 180 57 00

For this, participants must provide notification at least working three days in advance so that Andreu World, S.A. can pack the items for transportation.

Each participant will be responsible for the management of and costs of shipment/return of their project(s) submitted such as transportation, insurance, taxes, customs, freight, etc.

Andreu World, S.A. cannot accept advance payment by the contestants for the costs arising from the return of the project. It will be the contestant who must manage the collection by courier with minimum notice of three working days to prepare the shipment. Nor will Andreu World, S.A. be able to handle postage due.

Once the deadline has passed without the collection of projects, it will be understood that the contestant waives rights to recover them and Andreu World, S.A. may proceed with them as they see fit.