2015 - Last editions - Andreu World
Jury 2015

Carlos Ferrater


Marta Fernández Castro

Patron of the Architecture Foundation and Society

Guzmán de Yarza

Architect and Director IE Master in Design for Work,
Retail and Learning Environments.

Pilar Barrio

Editor in Chief of New Style magazine

Fernando Salas


Awards 2015

1st prize 2015
Kollar stool
Virosh Rangalla

Brampton, Canada

2nd prize 2015
Pattern barstool
Thierry Gossuin

Brussels, Belgium

Special mention 2015
Zaragoza chair
Maryia Virshych y Cian McKenna
Minsk, Belarus

Special mention 2015
Link bench
Arturo Bascuña

Valencia, Spain

Special mention 2015
Table project
Dániel Varga

Pécs, Hungary

Special mention 2015
Mikado chair
Philipp Hermes & Dustin Jessen
Köln, Germany