2012 - Last editions - Andreu World
Jury 2012

Viviana Narotzky

President of

Mario Mariner

Brands Forum

Gracia Cardona

Director of
Diario Design blog

Diego Gronda

Rockwell Group
Creative Director in Europe

Renato Siqueira

Director of the Brazilian Association
of Architectural Studies (ASBEA)
Awards 2012
1st prize
Wooden Horse
Laurent Divorne


2nd prize
Folding Rules
Thierry Gossuin


Special Mention
Kóko table
Leonardo Colucci

Shanghai (China)
Special mention
Veer stool
Samir Skalli
(United Kingdom)
Special mention
Fold table
Charles O. Job

Zürich (Switzerland)
Special mention
Ergues lounge chair
Damián Rodríguez Mendez