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Level Certified

Andreu World has been certified with LEVEL® certification. This international standard promotes the social responsibility of our designs and assumes the maximum guarantee of transparency in the production process.
LEVEL® is a standard created by BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association) to be able to evaluate, in a more open and transparent way, the environmental and social impacts that originate in the construction of furniture.
This standard is widely implemented in the North American market and serves as a reference for architects, designers, and interior designers when it comes to choosing more sustainable furniture. With LEVEL® certification, our customers are assured of having commercial furniture that surpasses the ecological certificates. Andreu World now has a consistent structure to communicate the environmental and social characteristics in a clear and easy-to-understand way for the market.
It should be noted that Andreu World is the first European company to achieve LEVEL® certification.

For the certification process we had to prepare documentation in four areas:
Materials: Manufacturers must have an environmental design program, it is necessary to assess the sustainability of materials used in manufacturing processes (recycled content, material efficiency, biodegradability, selection of rapidly renewable materials, analysis the cycle of life...)

Energy and Atmosphere: Evaluation of corporate sustainability policies, calculation of greenhouse gases from the factories, reduction of energy consumption, reduction of energy for the transportation of materials.

Human and ecosystem health: Waste management plans, reduction of hazardous waste generated in the different factories, chemical analysis of all products used in the manufacturing and disposal of harmful products.

Social responsibility: Product manufacturing within a safe work environment and compliance with prevention plans, economic contribution to social associations in the area to develop projects that benefit the community, intention to extend social responsibility actions throughout the chain of supply.