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Quality and Environmental Policy

With the current state of the planet it is important to modernize manufacturing practices so that organizations grow while being respectful of the environment and the health of people.  

As a direct result of this challenge, Andreu World S.A. declares that the following initiatives will be implemented to reduce the organization’s environmental footprint:  


•   Implementation of an environmental management system in the organization to help preserve and protect the environment according to ISO 14001.

•   Compliance with all environmental laws and regulatory requirements that apply.

•   Pollution prevention.


Andreu World S.A. is passionately committed to the care and protection of the environment through the adoption of Environmental Management Policy that outlines compliance with the organization’s objectives and strategic guidelines.   

In short, Andreu World S.A. aims to be a leader in design, quality and service by conducting a simple business with minimal bureaucracy, enhancing human and social relations and the care and protection of the environment.