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10 Year Warranty 

The Andreu World products are guaranteed against material and manufacturing defects for 10 years from the invoice date. 

This guarantee does not include defects for misuse, accidents, neglect, and damages during transport, abuse, or aging and normal wear and tear.  This warranty does not extend to fabrics, leathers, covers and materials, not included for non-Andreu World products, property of the client or purchased by Andreu World by request of the client. 

The correct product selection for each application is the responsibility of the buyer. This represents the complete and only warranty and supersedes all the possible guarantees of any kind either implicitly or explicitly, including but not limited to compliance with Law 23/2003 dated July 10, 2003.

Repair, replacement, or discount on the total price prorated constitute full responsibility of Andreu World and the only possible solution to the buyer. Andreu World assumes no responsibility for commercial losses, any consequence of damage that may result from any product defect, failure, or delay.  

For special client requested productions, whether they are modifications or new models, as well as for mechanisms, electrical components, models with natural wicker, and collections that make up our outdoor catalog, the guarantee will be two years. 

It is understood that these limited solutions and responsibility are part of the terms and conditions of purchase of the Andreu World products, and when an order is processed the terms, conditions and limitations are accepted.