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We create good designs to provide inspiration and innovation to all architects and interior designers in the world. We strive to be a world leader in seating and tables made with passion for a contemporary lifestyle.

Principles and values

• Passion for Design
• Tradition and Technical Mastery
• Integrity and Ethics
• Closeness and Trust
• Teamwork
• Engagement
• Love of Detail
• Leadership and Initiative
• Costumer Orientation and Respect
• Sustainability


We are experts in the manufacturing of seats and tables, we work to create innovative and sustainable designs in collaboration with the best designers and propose durable solutions. We focus on management with a global perspective, advanced means and infrastructure and continuous investment in R & D & I.


We are a company with an international projection, a leader in good design and development of seats and tables with high added value, enabling people to enjoy the spaces they inhabit in an intelligent and healthy way.