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Video: Design is hard, but it's worth the effort

To design is complex, especially when you have portions of an idea or a multitude of them. In all design, the creative process is perhaps the most significant act, the moment where the ideas begin to be sketched, the origin of what is to come.


This internal work involves an emotional and technical burden in which a multitude of experiences, places and memories are involved. To distill everything is to arrive at a concept, widening, organizing and defining lines, volumes and ways to see it materialized in a product requires skill and perseverance.

From form to function, without forgetting beauty. Because the intention is not only to create, but to create something worthwhile, and for this we must navigate all obstacles that arise along the way, overcome fears, and persist with the idea. 

All of our designers started with an idea….and you?  We are waiting for your submission in Andreu World’s International Design Contest