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Stories to read while seated at Casa Camper

A chair and a book have a lot in common. To illustrate this we celebrated the launch of the book Stories to read while seated on September 20th at Casa Camper in Barcelona. Published by Andreu World in celebration of its 60th anniversary, the book is comprised of a series of short stories in which the protagonist is always a chair.  The narratives were created by a colorful selection of writers:  Mercedes Abad, Ramón de España, Alicia Giménez Bartlett, Rosa Regàs, Juan Tallón and Mauricio Wiesenthal.


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Each one in its own style and with total creative freedom, these writers have given our story its crowning glory. A story that began in a small workshop producing a new wood pieces and now is an internationally recognized brand.  We sit while working, eating and typically read in a seated position.  It is that idea in which this limited edition Stories to read while seated is based.   

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Returning to our opening statement, what does a chair and book have in common?  Both originate from trees.  They are formally a product, industrial or cultural, and as they are both creative works, the efforts of designers and manufacturers or writers and publishers.  Also, both pieces are found when someone settles in to read sitting, which is the noblest way to read.  The stories speak to us with humor and irony in the same tone as the foreword by Daniel Fernández, editor and president of the Spanish publishers.

The creative direction was in the hands of Ramon Úbeda. The illustrations were created by Pepa Reverter, who expertly managed the different styles and have drawn images for various publications included the International Herald Tribune and Antonio Solaz, renowned graphic designer and creative leader of our brand. Come and read.